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Long Head Tricep Exercises: Guide to Bigger, Stronger Arms


Long Head Tricep Exercises: When it comes to constructing upper body electricity and size, the triceps often take center stage. Did you already know that the triceps make up more or less two-thirds of your top arm mass? That’s proper! If you’re seeking to sculpt stunning fingers, you need to pay unique attention to your triceps, and mainly to the lengthy head. This article will walk you through everything you want to understand approximately lengthy head tricep sporting activities and how to include them into your fitness routine for maximum effects.

Understanding Tricep Anatomy

To efficiently train your triceps, it’s important to apprehend their anatomy. The tricep muscle includes 3 heads: the lateral head, the medial head, and the extended head. The lengthy head is unique as it crosses the shoulder joint, this means that it performs a role in both elbow extension and shoulder motion.

Benefits of Training the Long Head Tricep

The anatomy of the tricep is long, lateral head and medial head.

Long Head Tricep Exercises mrknock.com

Enhanced Arm Size

Focusing on the long head of your triceps can significantly increase the scale of your arms. Since the long head is the biggest area of the tricep, targeting it may create more mass and deliver your fingers a fuller appearance.

Improved Athletic Performance

Strong triceps are essential for diverse athletic moves, from pushing and throwing to lifting. By strengthening the long head, you enhance your capacity to generate electricity and carry out better sports activities and different physical activities.

Better Joint Stability

Training the long head of the tricep also contributes to shoulder balance. Since it crosses the shoulder joint, a more potent long head can help stabilize the joint, decreasing the risk of injuries throughout higher body moves.

Key Principles for Tricep Training

Progressive Overload

To develop your triceps, you need to gradually grow the load or resistance you are the use of. This principle, known as modern overload, is essential to muscle growth.

Proper Form and Technique

Using the proper shape ensures you are efficaciously focused on the lengthy head of the tricep even minimizing the hazard of injury. Always prioritize approach over lifting heavier weights.

Consistency and Recovery

Consistency is prime in any schooling routine. Regularly hardening your triceps whilst allowing good enough time for healing will yield tice outcomes. Remember, muscle tissue develops at some stage in relaxation durations, not during workouts.

Top Long Head Tricep Exercises

The following top long head tricep exercises are mentioned below.

Long Head Tricep Exercises mrknock.com

1. Overhead Tricep Extension

Overhead tricep extensions are wonderful for focusing on the lengthy head. You can perform this workout with a barbell, dumbbell, or a cable device.

Variations and Techniques

Seated or standing

  • Single-arm or each hand concurrently

Skull Crushers

  • Skull crushers, additionally known as mendacity tricep extensions, are exceptional for separating the triceps.

Benefits and Tips

  • Use an EZ curl bar to reduce wrist pressure
  • Keep elbows tucked to save your shoulder involvement

Close-Grip Bench Press

  • This compound workout, not only handiest objective but also engages the chest and shoulders.

How to Maximize Effectiveness

Maintain a slender grip

  • Focus on squeezing the triceps at the top of the movement

Dumbbell Kickbacks

  • Dumbbell kickbacks are notable for separating the triceps and may be done at domestic or inside the fitness center.

Correct Form and Common Mistakes

  • Keep your top arm parallel to the ground
  • Avoid swinging the weights

Tricep Dips

  • Tricep dips are bodyweight exercises that can be finished on parallel bars or a bench.

Variations and Progressions

  • Lean forward to have interaction with the chest or live upright to focus on the triceps.

Add weight for extra resistance

Cable Tricep Pushdowns

  • Cable tricep pushdowns offer constant anxiety at some point in the movement, making them very effective.

Optimal Setup and Execution

  • Use an immediate bar or rope attachment

Keep elbows close to your frame

  • Incorporating Long Head Tricep Exercises into Your Routine

Balancing Tricep Workouts

  • Ensure your workout plan consists of stability of physical games targeting all 3 heads of the tricep for normal development.

Sample Workout Plan


  • Monday: Overhead Tricep Extension, Skull Crushers
  • Wednesday: Close-Grip Bench Press, Dumbbell Kickbacks
  • Friday: Tricep Dips, Cable Tricep Pushdowns

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Stop making these mistakes.

Long Head Tricep Exercises mrknock.com

Poor Form

Using the wrong shape can cause accidents and much less powerful workout routines. Always prioritize the method.


While it’s critical to train hard, overtraining can lead to muscle fatigue and injuries. Ensure you’re giving your triceps enough time to get better.

Neglecting Other Tricep Heads

Focusing entirely on the long head can create imbalances. Make positive to include sporting events that target the lateral and medial heads as nicely.

Tips for Maximizing Tricep Growth

Nutrition and Supplementation

Proper vitamins are crucial for muscle boom. Ensure you’re consuming sufficient protein and do not forget supplements like BCAAs or creatine to assist your workouts.

Rest and Recovery Strategies

Adequate relaxation and healing are vital. Incorporate relaxation days into your routine and remember practices like foam rolling or massage to resource restoration.

Monitoring Progress

Keep a song of your workouts, weights, and reps to screen your progress. Adjust your recurring as needed to keep making profits.

In Summary

Key ideas for powerful tricep education, inclusive of progressive overload, proper form, and consistency, are emphasized. The article gives detailed descriptions of pinnacle lengthy head tricep sports, together with overhead tricep extensions, cranium crushers, near-grip bench press, dumbbell kickbacks, tricep dips, and cable tricep pushdowns, in conjunction with recommendations for incorporating these physical games into balanced exercise habitual.

Common mistakes to avoid, like negative form, overtraining, and neglecting other tricep heads, also are addressed. The article offers extra guidelines for maximizing tricep increase through proper vitamins, relaxation, restoration, and development tracking. It concludes with solutions to often-asked questions on tricep training frequency, combining tricep and bicep exercises, necessary equipment, damage prevention, and the effectiveness of compound as opposed to isolation sporting activities.

FAQs For Long Head Tricep Exercises

Yes, you can teach triceps and biceps at the identical day. This is frequently achieved in arm-centered exercise exercises.

You can use various devices which include dumbbells, barbells, cables, and resistance bands. Bodyweight bodily sports like dips moreover paint properly.

To prevent injuries, usually warm up in advance than your workout routines, use the proper shape, and keep away from overloading the weights.

Both compound and isolation-carrying occasions are crucial. Compound bodily activities interact with more than one muscle company, while isolation sports activities particularly target the triceps.

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